I’ve been living in 2017 for a while now. After I sold my book in 2015 and learned the publication date, 2017 became imprinted on my heart. This obsession has manifested in odd ways, including getting confused about expiration dates. Multiple times, I would check the date on a bag of frozen peach slices or sour candy and panic […]

Today marks the six-month mark until The Possessions comes into the world. At the end of last month, I passed a one-year anniversary: a July day that, in 2015, was both completely ordinary (waiting next to my phone, trying to distract myself with bad TV) and completely surreal (learning that my book had officially sold). […]

Before I became a parent, I’d sometimes wonder what my future children would look like. I’d patch together a combination of old baby photos, a few elements borrowed from my husband, fleshing out the rest with generic Gerber baby features. The first time I saw my son, I took one look and thought, “Oh yeah. Of course!” His face, with […]