Girl One


Coming 2021 from MCD/FSG, GIRL ONE takes place in an alternate history: THE POWER meets GEEK LOVE. In the early 1970s, a man named Joseph Bellanger changed the course of human history when he became the first scientist to successfully induce virgin birth (otherwise known as parthenogenesis) in human women. In total, nine fatherless girls were born at The Homestead, the mysterious commune becoming a site of both awe and controversy. In 1977, with public outcry rising to a peak, a fire destroyed The Homestead, killing Dr. Bellanger and Girl Nine, sending the survivors scattering far and wide.

Josephine Morrow, Girl One, is the oldest of the so-called Miracle Babies. She’s grown up under the shadow of The Homestead, and now she’s determined to bring Dr. Bellanger’s lost legacy back to the forefront. It’s 1994, and Josie is pursuing her own career in the sciences, hoping to make her creator proud. When she hears that her mother has vanished under bizarre circumstances, Josie leaves her studies behind to search for her, only to discover that Mother One had been digging into the past.

Forming an uneasy alliance with the last reporter to talk to her mother, Josie sets off on a journey to reconnect with the other young women who were born on The Homestead. She uncovers truths about the actual history of The Homestead — about her mother — and about herself — that will change Bellanger’s legacy forever.